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Béziers and his Féria



Let it be said, Béziers is the 2nd largest saved sector in France after Paris! From the ancient amphitheater to the bullring, one is under the Roman influence. From the cathedral to the Paul Riquet Alleys, the memory of the medieval towns and the Albigensian crusade floats in the air. And all around, Béziers the Triumph of the nineteenth century. displays its wine fortunes and its beautiful Haussmanian facades. Place of 14-July, the birthplace of Jean Moulin flirts with the media library, the university, the IUT. And on the side of the banks of the Canal du Midi, one can only bow to the genius of a certain Paul Riquet. In each place, another Béziers tells with his stories, his lives and especially his good addresses. Which town !


The Béziers Feria which happens in the month of August, is the biggest event of the year in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. A million people gather every year.

The heart of the Feria is the arènes – the arena with its prestigious bullfights. And when the Corrida is over the party envelopes the town with bodegas and casitas everywhere, a myriad of spectacular things to see, events, music, the renowned equestrian village, and parties until dawn where flamenco sets Béziers, the Sevillian, alight!

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