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“Les Grands Voyages” Room

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    • 1 to 2 people 

    • 29 m2 with bathroom 

    • Conservatory 10m², balcony crossing 5 m² 

The important thing is not the destination, but the journey. Mark yours by visiting ours. 
“47 is the number of popular countries visited around the world. This room will help you discover some of our favourite destinations. A temple dedicated to culture, arts and customs from here and there ” 
A temple of sleep, signed by Hästens, just for you .

Hästens is a Swedish bedding brand, a dream manufacturer since 1852. 

Long before Thomas Edison’s light bulb, long before Graham Bell’s first phone and well before Henry Ford, there is a man who founded Hästens, a worldwide reference in the world of sleep creators. 


Sojourn tax 0.83 Euro per day/pers 

No cancellation fee – Payment on the spot

Payment Methods

Cash, bank card, french checks, bank transfer

  • 180×200 bed
  • Crossing balcony 

  • Bathroom Italian shower
  • Private toilet


  • RitualsHome products created from Rituals Kumquats 

  • Flat screen TV 

  • Wifi broadband 

  • Two Bluetooth headphones 

  • Espresso and kettle 

  • Bathrobes, slippers